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"Imagine Your Library's Future: Scenario planning for libraries and information organisations"

Imagine Your Library's Future


This title has been published late 2010.    Selected reviews are incorporated below:

Review Comments:

"Because of its clear language, examples, exercises and references the book can be used both as a guider for managers implementing scenario planning in libraries and for teachers providing courses on library management, managing change and innovation within library and information science curricula"

Zinaida Manzuch

Information Research, 15(4) review no. R389.

"I like this book. As a person with a strong commitment to the value of planning in library organizations much of what O'Connor and Sidorko say rings true. I have seen enough plans developed at great cost in time and energy published and then shelved to gather dust to know that alternative approaches are needed .... [The book] has value both in offering information about how to plan and information relating to the evaluation and implementation of strategic plans, offering points of departure that can be used to develop the capacity to continuously plan effectively"

Delmus E. Williams

Journal of Academic Librarianship, Volume 37, Issue 4, July 2011: 363-364.